Dbvisit Standby, the smart alternative for Data Guard for Standard Edition (SE).

Standby Database

What is a standby database?

A Standby Database is an exact copy of an operational database on a remote (or local*) server, ready to be used for backup, replication, disaster recovery, analysis, shadow environment and reporting, to name a few applications.
A standby database is far superior to a normal backup as it is instantly available in the event of a disaster.
To restore a backup takes time, and during the restore time the system is not available. With a standby database there is nothing to restore in the event of a disaster as the standby database is always available. It is possible to switch applications over to the standby database in a matter of minutes to allow business continuity.

Overview of standby database:

Technical overview of standby database: (see picture below)

Dbvisit- Standby Database Technology

Dbvisit is a cost-effective and proven software solution to completely automate the Oracle standby database solution and ensuring business continuity.
When disaster strikes and you lose your primary database, your business can continue to operate as you switch over to the standby database.

Dbvisit manages the process with these unique features:

Dbvisit is the complete Oracle disaster recovery software to allow business continuity in an emergency.

Because of the above features, Dbvisit is a popular alternative to Data Guard. With its unique features and benefits, Dbvisit is gaining customer's loyalty all over the globe.

For more information please visit Dbvisit.com.

*A standby database in the same location as the primary server should not be used for disaster recovery but for reporting, shadow environment or analysis purposes only.

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Was it Einstein who once said "Things should be as complex as they need to be, but no more ..."?
I'm sure he would think that Dbvisit Standby hit the mark! As the solution takes a complex problem and distills it down to reliable, cost effective, and easy to use product. It works as advertised, the manual is comprehensive/to the point, and the support is great!
If anyone is considering this product, give it a try, it sells itself.

Joe Lennert
Senior Software Developer
Alcatel-Lucent - USA
Dbvisit Standby is exactly as advertised: a high-value, highly reliable, easy to install and easy to configure disaster recovery solution - at a fraction of the cost of using Oracle's disaster recovery solution.
We set up both onsite and offsite standby servers and pretty much forget about them.
Dbvisit Standby just works.
Highly recommended.

Michael J. Muha, Ph.D.
Manager, Information Systems & Hosting
WorkForce Software - USA
Dbvisit Standby is a wonderful cost saving Oracle disaster recovery solution for those companies with Standard Editions of Oracle. It was easy to install and I received above and beyond customer service. I definitely recommend Dbvisit Standby.

Laura Quinlan
Sr. Oracle DBA
Neovera - USA